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iGUIDE for Realtors

Win the Listing Battle

In today’s competitive market of discounting commissions and bidding wars you need to stand out in the market with services that will win you listings. And with ongoing concerns for health and safety, immersing buyers into your listing properties without actually being there will help you win buyers.

Book a photo shoot with Three Sixty Snap. The day after the shoot you will have everything you need to list your property on search portals as well as market on social media. Every iGUIDE includes:

  • Professional Photos
  • Immersive 3D Tour
  • Detailed Floor Plans
  • Laser-Accurate Room Measurements and Dimensions
  • Reliable Property Square Footage Calculations
  • Essential Neighborhood Information
  • Embed tools to make posting on your websites a cinch

Win Listings

Easily win new clients with iGUIDE as part of every listing presentation. Show your clients how you will attract more serious home buyers by giving the key information in an easy online format. This study was conducting prior to the COVID-19 pandemic – since then do you think Virtual Tours and Floor Plans have become more, or less important. The answer is quite easy.

Analyze Your Success

Use iGUIDE Analytics to better understand and share the effectiveness of your marketing strategy for your listing. Build trust and guarantee a good first impression when you share your performance analytics. Watch the video to see more about this great feature.

Increase Referrals

iGUIDE is data and feature-rich to help you easily demonstrate the value you bring to the marketing of their listing. Your efforts help sell their home faster and for more which leads to more client referrals from happy sellers.

Save Time and Money

Potential buyers get all the essential information in the listing and don’t need to call with small questions. Hiring separate people for floor plans, images, and videos can be costly and inconvenient.

Build Your Brand

Personalize your marketing by including your branding, logo, and contact information in the iGUIDE to promote your brand through social media, real estate search sites, and your website.

Reduce Stress

Reduce homeowner stress by eliminating the hassle of multiple home visits by curious neighbours and unqualified leads. With iGUIDE the home is always ready for a showing with a 24/7 open house. And with the current COVID-19 worries, eliminate all risks by doing virtual showings any time you want with a laptop or tablet.

A graph showing how homes sell faster with iGUIDE

Show Your Clients

We can provide you with full colour brochures to help you show your clients what the iGUIDE is all about. We will even customize them for you personally – for FREE!

Virtual Showing

Navigate through an iGUIDE while others watch remotely. Your actions will be mirrored on the screens of all participants simultaneously. Sharing actions is much faster and smoother than sharing your screen and results in a far better experience. Creating your first virtual showing is very easy.

Images of iGUIDES on different types of computers

Home buyers deserve a better experience

  • Connect with buyers and keep them on track.

Create a lasting impression by providing information about a property. Show them what they need to see before exploring on their own.

  • Better, smoother experience vs. traditional screen sharing.

Screen sharing can be a rough experience, especially when sharing moving content. It can be delayed and unpredictable and this makes describing features more challenging because you can never be sure if what people are seeing is what you are seeing.

  • Works across all devices. 

Use a computer, tablet, or phone. The experience is nearly identical across devices and a computer is not required to host a showing. View, host, or share from a computer, tablet, or phone.

  • Compatible with all forms of online communication.

Works great with Zoom, Gotomeeting, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or phone. Using your preferred form of communication means you don’t have to learn any new apps.

  • No password or login is required.

Who wants to remember another password? We decided to make things easy. No login or password is required for a virtual showing.

  • It’s free!

Having a virtual showing is part of every iGUIDE and it’s totally free. What are you waiting for?