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Photography and Videography

High Dynamic Range Photography

At Three Sixty Snap we subscribe to the style of doing HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography for real estate. This system of taking 5 different exposures of the same photo, and blending them together to get as much detail from the bright areas and the dark areas, produces a more natural photo. Photos are then colour and white balanced and adjusted to correct lens distortions. Of course none of this is possible without professional grade camera gear, so we use a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 17-40mm USM Lens for stills photography. And we shoot in RAW format so photos are typically 25 megabytes in size.

Virtual Staging

In the dark room (ie Tom’s Office) we can also swap out artwork, and typically we add an image to blank TVs. Is your property un-furnished? No need to incur the cost of staging it. We can “virtually” stage it, adding furniture to the images for you. Check out this gallery of recent Virtual Staging we delivered for a client.


Videography is quickly becoming a staple in real estate selling tools. To produce our walk-through videos we use a Canon 6D Mark II with a Canon 17mm USM Lens, and a Weebill S gimbal for smooth action. 

Raw footage is brought into Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, and exported to Adobe After Effects for final touches of music and graphics and encoded for MP$ video output.

Check out some of our sample videos below.