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iGUIDE for Property Managers

Add iGUIDE to your Property Management Tools

Property managers are adding iGUIDE to their arsenal of tools to stay on top of their business and reduce health and safety risks. Three Sixty Snap can produce an iGUIDE of all common areas in a condo, or the entire space of an office that’s about to be leased out. 

Image of an empty office space iGUIDE showing floor plans and a 3D tour of the property

Here’s how managers are putting iGUIDE to good use.

Insurance and Assurance

  • Have a record of how the property was when a tenant took over and have assurance it’s back to how it was when they leave.
  • Got an insurance claim? Allow your adjuster to see the space “as it was” and speed up the claims process.
  • Call us to update after an accident to show before and after photos.
  • Downloadable assets allow for secure self-hosting options.
  • Customize views of the iGUIDE. Hide rooms, floors and/or panoramas as desired and create views for each unique purpose or user.
Image of traffic along a road at a stand still.

Save Travel Time – Reduce On-site Exposure

Our iGUIDE floor plans provide accurate measurement tools limiting the need to visit on site for simple tasks like measuring the height of the fixture, or where exactly on the wall is that outlet. You can easily show a contractor what you want done by sharing your screen with them. Want a quote on painting a hallway, replacing that floor’s carpet? iGUIDE floor plans are among the most accurate in the industry.

Plus, your iGUIDE is available 24/7 on any browser or device.

iGUIDE Tours and Floor Plans help lease more properties

If you are trying to lease out offices or retail space you need iGUIDE, especially during these trying times of pandemic lock-downs. Let prospective tenants tour the property from the safety of their home. Our iGUIDE floor plans provide accurate measurement tools allowing your clients to measure spaces to help in their planning of changes and modifications needed.  

Image of a Commercial Property iGUIDE showing floor plans and 3D tour.

Map and Document As-Built Environments

Create visual and dimensional information
for planning, designing and evaluating spaces.

Floor Plans

Interactive as-built floor plans allow you to quickly navigate to the spaces you want to see

Property Details

Provides room  measurements,
dimensions and total
square footage (m2) for space planning purposes

  3D Immersive Tour

Virtually walk-through a real world space to view conditions and easily
locate critical assets

Image of a person reviewing an iGUIDE on a tablet

Measurement Tool

Take custom measurements
anytime and anywhere


Option to include still photos for additional documentation.

Who Finds it Useful?

  • Facility/Asset Managers
  • Capital Planning Managers
  • Public Works Departments
  • Communications and Marketing Departments
  • Strategic Workplace Teams
  • Construction Project Management Teams