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Three Sixty Snap Inc. Terms and Conditions

By completing the booking process, the client acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Covid-19 Protocols and Health and Safety
For the health and safety of all parties involved in the photo session being booked, we ask that wherever possible the occupants of the property vacate during the session. If the agent wishes to be present, proper protective gear must be worn and proper physical distancing must be adhered to. Other than door handles, the photographer will not touch anything in the home – the property will be shot exactly as it is found upon arrival.

I understand that Three Sixty Snap Inc. retains all copyright of the photos, videos, and iGUIDE tours. The right to use the materials are granted to me solely for the purpose of marketing the property outlined herein. The material may not be sold or provided to any other person/company without the express written approval of Three Sixty Snap Inc. Agent/Broker may use any product produced by Three Sixty Snap Inc. in promoting their agency/brokerage provided credit is provided to Three Sixty Snap Inc.

Home Staging
I understand that Three Sixty Snap Inc. will not do any staging/cleaning/tiding of the property being photographed. The property will be shot as-is when we arrive. Requests to re-shoot and update iGUIDES will incur additional charges. Please ensure your clients are prepared.

Cancellation/No Show
24-Hour notice is required to re-schedule a confirmed appointment. Failing to do so will result in a $50 re-booking fee. Likewise, if the agent/home-owner does not show up for a booked appointment, a $50 re-booking fee will be charged.

Aerial Photography Terms and Conditions
I understand that Tom Aikins of Three Sixty Snap Inc. is an Advanced RPAC operator licensed by Transport Canada, and must (for legal and insurance reasons) operate in full compliance with federal, provincial and municipal laws and by-laws. If for some reason we are unable to fly at the booked appointment time due to weather conditions or imposed flight restrictions, the session will be rebooked.