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I have been a photographer for nearly forty years. My first camera was a Canon film camera (can’t recall the model) with a 35-85mm zoom lens. Twenty years ago I moved to digital with a Canon 5D (still have it.) As the years flew by I moved to a 5D Mark II (my son has it now) a 5D Mark III (still a work horse in my stable) and most recently I added a 6D Mark II (used mostly for video work.) I have seven lenses now – mostly USM (ultra sonic motors) for fast auto focus, some with IS (image stabilization). Two of my favourites are the 24-70mm f2.8 USM and the 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM – both super fast lenses that work great in low lighting. I have a 17-40mm for real estate photography and landscapes. A 100mm macro for amazing close-up work. And my only break from Canon – the amazing Sigma 150-600mm – add in the 2x extender between it and the camera and it becomes a 300-1200mm zoom for getting close to things far, far away. Until I retired from my full time jobs in 2020, photography was pretty much a hobby. I took on a lot of private commissions. Shot a few weddings for friends. Did a half dozen commercial shoots. I’ve never had a portfolio – save perhaps a Flickr account to share shots with those who hired me. I learned the hard way that photo drives can fail and have lost a great deal of important photos (now that I am trying to build a portfolio). But now that I have decided to make a living at photography, I have added a few more tools to my tool belt – an IMS-5 which is a custom made camera for doing 360 degree photos for real estate, with a built-in LiDAR laser for producing highly accurate floor plans. And a Phantom 4 Drone for doing aerial photos and video. Over the coming years I will be adding to my portfolio – in the meantime here’s a selection of my past work.